iOS Developer from Aix-En-Provence

About me
  • I am Bastien Penalba

    iOS Developer
    for 3+ years
  • I graduated from

    HETIC in Paris
  • and worked in

    San Francisco Paris Aix-Marseille


Tip Top

Tiptop is an app to discover awesome places through lists created by experts and friends. The app is still on the appstore but no longer maintained since the company got acquired in 2015

Company : Chronos Mobile Technologies (San Francisco)

Bah Bravo Morray

Do you know the french rapper Booba? I guess we will find out with this music quizz app. Read the punchline, listen to the track and guess the song title! The more titles you guess, the more bullets you collect. Pretty badass uh?

Company : Personal project


Wannago is a plug and play app for french visitor center, it serves all the touristic informations that visitor may need like events, restaurants, hotels and much more!

Company : Wannago

Piggybank Budget

Struggling to save money? Piggybank takes care of that on a daily basis! Just link you bank account and the app will tell you how much you can spend each day. Ready to $ave dat money?

Company : Be My App x Credit Agricole Store

« Where we're going, we don't need roads... » So let's get there together! Hire me!